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Students: Friday February 20: You will have the opportunity to work on your project in LAB 265 You need to take your rubric with you. There will be a grade  under classwork for your work on this day. 

OBJECTIVE: I can learn more about Spanish speaking countries
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What important aspects can I learn about Spanish speaking countries? 

Task: You will present some information about the chosen country. YOU WILL CREATE A POWER POINT PRESENTATION TO USE WHEN PRESENTING (ORAL PRESENTATION). The presentation must include general information and visual aids such as:  1. Capital, 2. Flag, 3. Location- Neighbors, 4. Population/Currency, 5. Food, 6. Famous people, 7. Places to visit, 8. Festivals- Dances, 9. President- government 10. Your own reason why we should visit this country. The presentation must have a part in Spanish where the whole class can participate, for example: games: Jeopardy - a song, a poem, crossword puzzle etc… Heritage class will present in Spanish making it easy for everybody to understand.

*For a complete rubric for this project see page Project 2. 

While students are presenting the rest of the class will be taking note about each country creating/ making a Cultural Unit with all the presentations. This Cultural Unit will be turned in on May 11 after fininshing all presentations. (Date may change)
PAIS ___________
1.     Capital

2.     Localización- vecinos- neighbors

3.     Bandera- flag

4.     Idioma- language/ Population

5.     Moneda- currency

6.     Música/ Baile/ celebraciones- music - dance - holidays

7.     Comida- food

8.     Presidente/ Gobierno- government

9.     Turismo- places to visit

10.   Razón para visitarlo- reason why we should visit this country

Dates for presentations:
Wednesday February 18: Colombia by Sra. Garzon
1. Friday March 6: Argentina
2. Thursday March 12: Espana
3. Friday March 13: Mexico
4. Thursday March 19: Costa Rica
5. Friday March 20: Cuba
6. Thursday March 26: Peru
7. Friday March 27: Guinea Ecuatorial
8. Thursday April 2: Chile
9. Friday April 3: Puerto Rico
April 6 to 10: Spring break
Georgia Milestone Assessment: the test will run from April 15th to April 24th.
10.Thursday April 23: Republica Dominicana changed to  Monday April 13
11. Friday April 24: Venezuela changed to Tuesday April 14
12. Thursday April 30:Panama
13. Friday May 1: Guatemala / Nicaragua 3rd period
14. Thursday May 7: Bolivia / Honduras 5th period
15. Friday May 8: El Salvador /5th period Ecuador
16. Monday May 11: 1st period + 4th period Honduras / 6th period Nicaragua
17. Tuesday May 12: Paraguay only 2nd period                             
                                  Uruguay only 4th and 6th period
18. Wednesday May 13: Ecuador only 4th period
19. Thursday May 14: U.S.A

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