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SEMANA 24: DEL 11 AL 15 DE ENERO - WEEK 24: FROM JANUARY 11 TO 15 2016


You will be turning in your CULTURAL Unit about Celebrations during the week of January 10th to 15th 2016. The last day will be on Friday January 15.

I am turning in my PORTAFOLIO UNIT   because I have done and checked each of the following instructions: PLEASE CHECK EACH BOX
□1. The first thing I did was to answer the essential questions of the unit. 
□2. I did the self- evaluation of the unit at the back of the front page.
□3. I wrote the name of each celebration in front of the number at the back of the cover page.
□4. I have checked each assignments as complete, incomplete or None and I have scored total according to what I have checked.
5. I have numbered each assignment at the top of the page or next to it. Organize it from 1 to 13

Front Page: (-10 points if is missing)
Rubric: 5 points (-5 if is missing)
1. Inti Raimy (each celebration 7.7)
2. Dia de los Muertos
3. El 12 de Octubre
4. Dia de la Independencia
5. Feria de Malaga
6. Carnaval
7. Las Fallas
8. Semana Santa
9. Cinco de Mayo
10. Simon Bolivar
11. La Quinceanera
12. La Navidad
13. El ano Nuevo
*** Unit test
¿Qué?  ¿Cómo?  ¿Cuándo?  ¿Dónde?Vocabulario (5 words minimum) and Dibujo (picture)

Students, you will find in each desk this practica diaria. We will start a short review of topic seen before in order to get you prepared for High school. I will talk more about this in class. 
1.       ¿Cómo estás? Yo estoy…(bien, mal, regular)
      2.       ¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy? Hoy es…
      3.       ¿Qué clima hace hoy? Hoy hace… (frio, calor)
                                                       Hoy llueve / Hoy nieva
      4.       ¿Qué hora es? Es la… / Son las …     (1:15 Es la una y quince)(10:50 Son las diez y cincuenta)
      5.       ¿Cómo se escribe…?  ______ (your teacher will give you a word and you will spell it.
           ¿Cómo se escribe “La pantalla”?  Se escribe  P- A- N- T-A-L-L-A

**Students, You have to write and answer "Trabajo Inicial" daily. This is part of the class assignments. I will collect this everyday. We will not correct this work all the time on the board like I used to do last semester. 

 No make-up for Trabajo Inicial. Remember: you need to come in to class, take your "portafolio", sit down and  write:
Date + Instructions + answers. (Sorry no time for socializing)


                              ***WRITE YOUR NAME WHEN YOU TURN IN PAPERS***


  This week we will honor the holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King by writing a two paragraph essay in Spanish about the life of this great man. 
We will use past tense!

Lunes / Mon.: See blog + Copy agenda + Practica Diaria + Como se dice...? (useful phrases to use in class) 
Martes / Tues.: Trabajo Inicial + Biografia de Martin Luther King Jr. + List of verbs to write a paragraph about Mr. Luther King Jr. 
Miercoles/ Wed.: Trabajo Inicial + Paragraph in Spanish about Martin Luther King Jr. 
Jueves/ Thurs.: Trabajo Inicial + Pictionario 2 
Viernes/ Frid.:  Cultural Unit is due + Pictionario 2
 HW Week 24: Work on your Cultural Portafolio and Turn in on Friday January 15

* Quizzes: los miércoles (on Wednesdays) for 8th grade
** Tarea (HW): los viernes (on Fridays)
                                  *** Tutoria: los miércoles  a las 8:15am- 8:45am 

Please be kind to each other and don't forget to protect animals they need us.
                                            Espero que tengan una buena semana
                       Join The Humane Society of the USA, ASPCA: we are their voice, 
                                 National Wildlife Federation, Guiding eyes for the Blind,

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